Family owned and operated‚ Donkey began their journey with two products: Donkey Brands Salted and Unsalted Donkey Chips. Their chips are authentic style tortilla chips made using a generations old recipe… hand-made and seasoned, one batch at a time. They combine all natural ingredients with the traditional approach to making only the finest white corn chip and using only the highest quality standards. Try the authentic taste of stone ground white corn! As their brand grew, they grew. Donkey Brands expanded into two more products: Donkey Brands Mild and Hot Donkey Salsa. They used the same approach when creating their newest product. All natural ingredients, great flavor with the added bonus of a great pairing with Donkey Brands Donkey Chips. Their philosophy is simple: all natural simple ingredients, gluten free with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Simply said, all the good flavors without the yucky stuff.

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