Carolyn Goldwater Ross started this company in 1989 with her mom, Joanne Goldwater and her aunt, Peggy Goldwater Clay. Her grandfather was the late Senator Barry Goldwater who instilled in her the appreciation and the beauty of the Southwest and family tradition. They’ve created their line to reflect that. Goldwater’s Foods is proud to offer a diverse line of salsas, including four wonderful fruit salsas! Goldwater’s Foods originated the “Fruit Salsas” with the award winning Paradise Pineapple Salsa under Goldwater’s Taste of the Southwest label. Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of this ground-breaking salsa, three other fruit salsas were inspired and added to the line. A collection of Goldwater family recipes has been captured in four traditional salsas, including the Sedona Red Salsa; deemed “excellent” by The New York Times.

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