The tale of Hank Sauce dates back to 2006 when 3 friends became roommates at Flagler College in the quaint and sunny beach town of St Augustine, Fl. All hailing from the Southern portion of the great state of New Jersey; Hank, Josh, and Matt became, by definition “bros,” but never really discussed starting a business together.  Josh and Matt also shared something in common especially ironic at the time – they absolutely hated hot sauce. Now keep in mind that when your roommate is a chef, you’re probably going to accept nearly anything coming across the table. When something requiring a noticeable amount of hot sauce was on the menu, the duo was hesitant, but Hank would usually reply with the ever so confident “I got you, you’ll like it” which brought the hesitation down a notch or two. Hank had been making “the sauce” (now better known as Herb Infused) for personal use for quite some time, but never really thought it was anything to brag about. Fast forward a few years to the Fall of 2010; Matt is given a class assignment to create “a product” for a series of magazine print ads (so 2010 right? lol) and decides that the sauce would be a perfect fit for the campaign. Matt brought the bottles to class and passed them out during the presentation. By the next class meeting he was met with requests to purchase the unique concoction; it was a pleasant surprise, and the first “we may have something here” moment. They brought a few cases home for the Holidays to pass out amongst family and friends and the feedback was nearly the same across the board. “The flavor is amazing and I love the mild heat!” They realized the reactions were nearly the same amongst different crowds wherever they sampled the sauce.

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