“If a tiny white-haired, delightfully wacky grandmother stops you in the supermarket, talking “krazy” salt, relax and listen. You haven’t a chance to escape – it’ll be Jane. She can’t resist meeting people and selling salt,” wrote Frank Trenery in the biography of Jane Semans. Jane’s Story began in a modest kitchen in a small apartment in Overbrook, PA. She was a rosy cheeked grandmother-type, busily mixing batches of salt, pepper, herbs and a few secret ingredients to make her cooking go a little faster and make gifts for friends and relatives. Her energy and zest for life helped her turn her hobby into an international food sensation. Because of the demands of Jane’s loyal fans who wouldn’t think of eating without her delicious seasonings, Jane turned to Flavor Delite. Together they spread the word making their Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings a kitchen staple for many chefs and home cooks worldwide. Today, Flavor Delite honors Jane by staying true to the original blends and introducing new items produced with wholesome, high quality ingredients that are synonymous with the original KRAZY out-of-this world flavor the world has come to know and love.

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