Cajun’s Choice Creole Seasoning

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This is the all-purpose seasoning of the South to use in place of salt and pepper. Cajun’s Choice Creole Seasoning is a savory blend of peppers and other quality seasonings that has far less salt than all other Cajun style brands, and there’s no shortage of great flavor. Use it at the table or in cooking. It’s just right for outdoor grilling or “jazzing up” other foods such as meats, seafood, potatoes, veggies, microwave dinners, soups, eggs and popcorn! This Creole Seasoning is the one you’ll reach for time and time again. 3.8 oz (107g)

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Salt, peppers (red, black, white), garlic and other spices.

No MSG, Gluten Free, No Sugar

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Cajun's Choice

  The story of Cajun's Choice is about staying true to one of America's most unique regional cuisine's. Cajun's Choice was created to redefine America's misconception that Cajun was synonymous with fiery hot food. The food is highly seasoned, yes - but the flavor blends are complex and reflect a cuisine that mixes indigenous ingredients with world influences. Cajun's Choice was founded in 1985 by Louisiana native Rick Layne. As Layne traveled the country he found, too often, that Cajun flavorings and recipes were simply not true to the cuisine of his home. So he set out to create spice blends that correctly personified the flavor profile of good Cajun cooking.


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Cajun’s Choice Creole Seasoning
Original price was: $2.99.Current price is: $2.49.