George Washington Golden Seasoning & Broth

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G. Washington’s Golden has the subtle touch that makes delicately flavored foods taste more exciting and delicious. Great with chicken, lamb, veal and turkey. Brings out the best in gravies, soups, salads, salad dressings and sandwich fillings. Especially good with mild-flavored vegetables, eggs and delicate sauces.

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George Washington's Seasoning & Broth

4 reviews for George Washington Golden Seasoning & Broth

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! All of the reviewer comments reminded me of my own childhood memories. My grandma used this seasoning, and also a Seventh Day Adventist. Are we all related? I am so grateful that a company still sells this product.

  2. Anonymous

    There’s a reason G Washington seasoning makes everything taste good from gravies to fried rice, it’s the MSG in the package! Nothing wrong with some MSG, really! Look at the ingredient list!

  3. Anonymous

    Recommended to me by a Seventh Day Adventist who loves to cook. I use Golden the most but Rich as well. Work great for soups made in Vitamix as well as traditional cooking methods.. Easy to use & store. Much better than boxed vegetable stock or bouillon cubes

  4. AN

    My Grand always used something that made everything she cooked just perfect. She passed away very unexpectedly, leaving a large estate behind. In all the hustle and bustle, many of her precious items including her cookbooks and recipe box went missing . It was not until I was in my mid 30’s 15 years after she passed away, that I was shopping for thanksgiving groceries at a now sadly out of business local Chicago grocery store chain, that I noticed George Washington’s seasonings ( both the ‘rich’ and ‘golden’ ) on the store shelf. I had no idea why the packages looked so familar. I have always been a person who operates from gut instinct, so I knew there was a reason why I should buy a few boxes of each flavor. I realized while I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner, at 2:00 am several days later, that I had forgotten chicken bouillon, and a new box of poultry seasoning. I opened up the George Washington seasoning boxes looking for directions or an explanation of why one was ‘golden’ and one was ‘ rich’. I did not find any real answer, but when I tore the packet open it smelled so familiar. I mixed both flavors with soft butter which I coated my turkey with, I used the remaining butter mixture to sautee celery and onions in for my dressing. My mother was so shocked when she entered my home exclaiming ‘Wow, it smells EXACTLY LIKE the holidays from my childhood in New England!!!’ After my mother and I had eaten the few few bites of food, I remembered my Grand saying to me something about adding one measure of what she called ‘Mrs. Washington’ s flavoring’. My mom saud this taste just like Grand’s Turkey, however did you manage THAT? I know that she used to use a special seasoning that is no longer being made. I asked my mother if she remembered it having Washington in the name, she replyed ‘ Yes, Grand used it on EVERYTHING’. I showed her the boxes of the George Washington seasonings, my mother was so surprised that I had them. I continued to use George Washington seasoning for several years, purchasing it at one local grocery store that was the only place who carried it, until the whole chain went out of business. I was incredibly happy to find this wonderful, flavorful, and nostalgic (for my family) product on your website. Thank you so much for selling such a great product!!

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George Washington Golden Seasoning & Broth
Original price was: $2.49.Current price is: $2.24.