Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour – 10 oz

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Simply the best mix for coating fried chicken, pork chops, beef, fish, seafood and vegetables.
This special blend of premium flour and 10 savory herbs and spices is the “family secret” of generations of cooks. The spice blend is a closely guarded secret, because it perfectly complements so many different foods as a batter or coating. Plus it makes the best sausage gravy you’ve ever tasted! Great recipes are on the box, and for an easy, lower fat alternative to fried chicken, try oven-baking.

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Enriched and bleached white flour (niacin, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid),salt, spices and natural flavor.

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Kentucky Kernel

  Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour has been proudly owned and manufactured in the U.S. since 1810. What started out over 200 years ago as a Southern staple for cooking family style meals has grown into a nation-wide brand, found all across the country. Kentucky Kernel remains dedicated to providing the highest quality seasoned flours, breaders, batters, and mixes. The secret blend of 10 herbs and spices has remained unchanged since the start.

2 reviews for Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour – 10 oz

  1. Amy

    There are plenty of fried chicken seasoning blends out there and this one is pretty good. I usually take a small amount of the mix, add enough water to make a thin batter, dunk the chicken in it before tossing in a plastic bag with the remaining dry mix. Allow the chicken to rest until your oil comes to 350 and the chicken starts to get tacky. Fry as normal. This is a no-fuss breading.

  2. Anonymous

    Can’t get no better than this

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Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour – 10 oz
Original price was: $3.59.Current price is: $2.99.