Kettle & Fire Italian-Style Wedding Hearty Soup


You’ll be smitten with every savory spoonful of this Kettle & Fire Italian-Style Wedding Hearty Soup. Resting in a rich broth are a variety of veggies, flavorful meat crumbles, and aromatic herbs to enhance the experience, making this soup truly “molto bene”! 16 oz

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Ingredients: Water, Tubettini Pasta* (Semolina* [Wheat], Egg Whites*), Carrots* Celery*, Kale*, Turkey Sausage (Turkey Meat, Salt, Spices, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor), Tuscan Style Chicken Base (Chicken Broth, Sea Salt, White Cooking Wine [White Wine, Salt], Chicken Fat Flavor, Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Garlic, Garlic Powder, Potato Flour, Carrot, Onion, Spices [Including Turmeric], Natural Flavor), Diced Tomatoes In Puree* (Tomatoes*, Tomato Puree*), Onions*, Carrot Puree*, Chicken Bone Broth* (Water, Chicken Bones*, Onions*, Carrots*, Fennel*, Leek*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Thyme*, Shitake Mushroom*, Tamarind Paste*, Bay Leaves*), Parmesan Cheese* (Part Skim Milk*, Salt, Enzyme), Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic Puree*, Xanthan Gum, Tomato Paste*, White Pepper*, Seasoned Chicken Fat* (Chicken Fat*, Onions*, Carrots, Fennel*, Leeks*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Thyme*, Shiitake Mushrooms*, Tamarind Paste*, Bay Leaves*), Thyme*, Basil*, Oregano*. *Certified Organic Ingredients

Contains: Egg, Milk, Wheat

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Kettle & Fire

    There's no doubt about it: Healthy eating is one of the highest impact ways to improve your life. But eating well isn't always easy... You're constantly meal planning every week. There's never any time to cook. And it's tiring to eat the same boring foods over and over again. You want to get the nutrition we need to thrive without all the work. But as much as you'd love to hire a personal chef, that might not be possible. That's why Kettle & Fire was created - the only bone broth meticulously crafted to ensure the highest nutrient density and flavor, that's ready to eat in a minute....So you can feel your absolute best. Most store-bought bone broth is mass-produced by big food corporations. They're cheaply made, taste bland, and full of processed ingredients. At Kettle & Fire, they wanted to make a nutritionally dense bone broth that tastes delicious. So they spent nearly a year perfecting their recipe to create an experience that's high-quality, convenient, and tastes amazing!


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Kettle & Fire Italian-Style Wedding Hearty Soup