Kitchen Basics Original Beef Bone Broth – 8.25 oz


Kitchen Basics Original Beef Bone Broth is a rich, savory Bone Broth that’s full of flavor. Boasting 10g protein and only 50 calories per serving, Original Beef Bone is ready-to-use out of the package as a sippable snack. Slow simmered to develop a rich, homemade taste and aroma, Bone Broth is made with beef bones and vegetables plus McCormick herbs and spices. Enjoy it as a comforting, sippable swap for coffee or tea. Or use it in cooking – it has richer, bolder flavor than traditional stocks so it will enhance soup, stews and sauces like you might use bullion. Add to sautéed vegetables, mashed potatoes, quinoa or rice, or swap the oil in your favorite marinades for this Bone Broth. 8.25 oz

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Ingredients: Beef Broth, Mirepoix (Carrot*, Onion*, Celery*), Yeast Extract*, Sea Salt, Tomato Paste* & Spice And Herbs (Including Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Thyme).

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Kitchen Basics

  Their founder's grandmother's recipes were the key inspiration behind their culinary line of cooking stocks. Since then, they have stayed true to their basics - slow simmering their stocks for that deep, rich taste and making their stocks only from premium herbs and spices.


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Kitchen Basics Original Beef Bone Broth – 8.25 oz