L.B. Jamison’s Beef Flavored Soup Base – 14 oz

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L. B. Jamison’s Beef Flavored Soup Base is great soups, sauces, casseroles & gravies! This much loved soup base makes your recipes taste homemade! 99 servings. 14 oz

The owner of L.B. Jamison, Ventura Foods, has sold the company to the manufacturer. In order to achieve a better consistency, the new owners have slightly reformulated it, resulting in a smaller, 14 oz jar. The new owners have assured us that the new formula still has the same great flavor as the original – but to make sure you still love it, we suggest purchasing a single jar before committing to a case or more of this new batch.

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Cooking Directions:

Dissolve 1 teaspoon (equal to one bouillon cube) beef base (paste) in 8oz boiling water. For each quart of stock needed, use 4 teaspoons beef base.

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L.B. Jamison's

2 reviews for L.B. Jamison’s Beef Flavored Soup Base – 14 oz

  1. Anonymous

    This base is awesome! I bought it 3 years ago one time and could not find it anywhere. However, I saved the packaging so that I can search it and I was able to order several for the holiday season of cooking. It works just as they advertise in all flavors.

  2. Patricia

    Really seasons well, give beef dish that over the hill

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L.B. Jamison’s Beef Flavored Soup Base – 14 oz