Louisiana Brand Sweet Heat w/ Honey Hot Sauce

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Louisiana’s Sweet Heat with Honey Hot Sauce proves that your kick can have a sweet side. Use it to add the bold flavor of aged red peppers with a touch of honey to all your favorite foods.

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Louisiana Brand

  Good food. Good times. Good people. That’s what the Louisiana way of life is all about. And as Louisiana’s original hot sauce, it’s what Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce is all about too. They got their start in 1928 in New Iberia, Louisiana, when they carefully selected the best peppers, combined them with vinegar and salt and left them to ferment during the aging process. The result was a perfectly simple balance of heat and flavor that earned us a reputation for quality and taste. More than 95 years later, and not a whole lot’s changed. They still make Louisiana Hot Sauce the same way in the same place with the same high standards. Sure, over the years, they’ve added to their family of recipes with flavored sauces, wing sauces, new pepper varieties and more, but they’ve always stayed true to who they are – perfectly balanced, perfectly original and always perfectly Louisiana.

1 review for Louisiana Brand Sweet Heat w/ Honey Hot Sauce

  1. Micolle

    Just the right amount of sweet added to the heat love this stuff but can’t find it in my area!! If you love a little sweet heat and see this suggestion try it!!

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Louisiana Brand Sweet Heat w/ Honey Hot Sauce