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Cayenne is THE king of peppers in Louisiana cajun and creole cuisine! Sharp, zesty flavor and a great all-around pepper! Use this Louisiana Pepper Exchange Cayenne Pepper Puree in seafood boils, to elevate a chocolate sauce or in choc chip cookies, even mix it in a bloody mary for an extra kick. One spoonful is roughly equal to one pepper – and it’s easy to use. Just stir it in – it’s ready to use! 4 oz

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The heart of Louisiana and Gulf Coast cajun and creole cuisine – cayenne pepper provides a base level of heat and an incredible zesty flavor that marries up to almost any dish.
Fresh, real cayenne flavor –
more flavor than dehydrated/powdered cayenne.
Easy and convenient flavor –
No more chopping peppers! If you like the convenience of minced garlic, you will love our pepper puree!
Simple conversion
– 1-3 teaspoons of puree replaces 1 full pepper
Natural, zero calorie, gluten free
Great for any Cajun/Creole dish
or as a base layer of heat for just about any dish
Perfect pairing:
Seafood, Cinnamon, or Chocolate (eg, Cayenne Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Ingredients: Red Cayenne Pepper, Salt.

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Louisiana Pepper Exchange Cayenne Pepper Puree