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Jalapeño is verde, verde good! THE pepper for all things tex-mex can be used in all kinds of dishes – mix it in eggs for an extra kick of flavor and heat for breakfast, spoon in a little to your guacamole (never bother chopping jalapeños again), add it to your favorite cornbread mix, or stir a spoonful into your margarita for a spicy cinco de mayo treat. One spoonful of this Louisiana Pepper Exchange Jalapeno Pepper Puree = 1 fresh pepper and it’s ready to use, right out of the jar! 4 oz

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A staple of Mexican cooking, jalapeño is one of the milder (and most familiar) peppers.
a bright, fresh flavor to salsas, sauteed vegetables, and margaritas
replacement for jalapeño
Simple conversion –
1-3 teaspoons of puree replaces 1 full pepper
Natural, zero calorie, gluten free
Great for
any Mexican dish, cornbread or other baked goods, and as an easy mix-in to cocktails
Perfect pairing:
Fresh corn, limes, cheese and pasta (eg, Jalapeño Mac and Cheese)

Ingredients: Green Jalapeno Pepper, Salt.

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Louisiana Pepper Exchange Jalapeno Pepper Puree