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Orange Habanero is pretty, but a little bit dangerous. Orange habaneros naturally have more water in the pepper, so this puree is more fluid than the other purees (but don’t worry…that means it’s easier to mix in to your favorite dishes). With tropical flavor and a touch of fruitiness, this Louisiana Pepper Exchange Orange Habanero Pepper Puree is perfect for ceviche, in tropical cocktails (habanero peach margarita, anyone?), and in ground meats for use on the grill. One spoonful is about 1 fresh pepper – and it’s easy to use! 4 oz

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Delicious, bright tropical flavor – when orange habanero is pureed, its naturally high water content yields a thin liquid, great for easy incorporation into ground meats and marinades.
Year round availability
(no seasonal limitations) and shelf-stable – avoids costly wasted produce
Simple conversion –
1-3 teaspoons of puree replaces 1 full pepper
Natural, zero calorie, gluten free
Great for
fresh fish dishes, ground meat, or simple mix-ins for margaritas or ketchup
Perfect pairings:
Mango, Coconut and Fresh Fish (eg, Peruvian Ceviche)

Ingredients: Orange Habanero Pepper, Salt.

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Louisiana Pepper Exchange Orange Habanero Pepper Puree