Marie Sharp’s No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce 5 oz

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The name says it all. Warning, no wimps allowed. You must be strong to handle Marie Sharp’s No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce. You say you like it hot? Well here is the challenge that will prove it or not. Specially blended for devoted heat seekers with great taste. 5 oz.

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Ingredients: Fresh red Belizean habanero, natural vinegar, fresh carrots, sea salt, hand-chopped white onion, tomato puree, freshly squeezed Key lime juice, capsicum, fresh garlic and spices.

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Marie Sharp's

When she started experimenting with flavors in her kitchen more than 40 years ago, Marie Sharp wasn’t setting out to influence the international hot-sauce scene. She was just a middle-aged woman who was obsessed with making a high-quality habanero/carrot sauce blend from her farm’s fresh fruits and vegetables. But, Marie’s knack for creating fresh and exciting flavor combinations was such a hit with family and friends that she started selling her product and soon hired an employee. As word of Marie’s hot sauce continued to spread, American tourists vacationing in Belize started smuggling it back in their suitcases. This popularity with Americans eventually led to Marie’s being the first nationally distributed pepper sauce in the U.S., and the #1 distributed pepper sauce globally (with a presence in 30+ countries).

1 review for Marie Sharp’s No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce 5 oz

  1. Anonymous

    This is the best Habanero sauce that I have used ,, it is hard to find in Stores in my area

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Marie Sharp’s No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce 5 oz
Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $3.49.