Wolff’s Kasha – Whole Granulation

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Wolff’s Kasha (Whole Granulation) is a delicious pantry staple made with 100% stone-ground buckwheat and passed down through generations! Its nutty, bold and delicious flavor comes from dry roasting hearty buckwheat groats. Kasha can be steamed, boiled or baked. Add kasha to any meal to enjoy its textured flavor. Plus, it’s easy to cook and ready in 10 minutes! 13 oz (369g)

*Wolff’s recently updated their packaging from boxes to bags – packaging may vary.

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Gluten Free & Wheat Free
Low Sodium, No Cholesterol & Low Fat
100% Whole Grain Buckwheat, dry roasted to imprint a distinctive nut-like flavor.

Wolff’s Kasha is extremely versatile and can be served as an entrée, side dish, stuffing, in soups and salads, appetizers, desserts and as a delicious breakfast cereal. It’s also a pleasant alternative to rice or potatoes.

Ingredients: 100% stone-ground buckwheat.
Buckwheat is not ready-to-eat & must be thoroughly cooked before enjoying.

*Recipes and cooking directions on back of box.

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Wolff’s Kasha – Whole Granulation
Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $4.49.